The two best-selling beauty products on ASOS will shrink your pores and stop your spots

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16 Jan 2018

ASOS has been our fashion best friend for years and once the shop 'til you drop website added beauty products to its repertoire, we had to hide our credit cards.

Stocking makeup favourites like Maybelline, NYX, Benefit and NARS, we would've pegged a shimmery highlight or foundation as the top-seller for sure, but it turns out skin care is the popular choice.

Tying as the top best-sellers in 2017 were £18 Pixi and £5 The Ordinary – which ironically, is currently out of stock.

The fact they both fall in under the £20 mark makes them the perfect checkout addition (hello free next day delivery!) - but their performance is what gets them added to people's carts again and again.

The Glow Tonic is a cult favourite and the hero of Pixi's range. It's a good entry level liquid exfoliator and ideal for those with congested pores and oily skin, as it acts as a toner too. It pulls all the yucky stuff from your skin and leaves it squeaky clean!

Niacinamide 10% Acid from The Ordinary is another congestion legend, as it helps to balance sebum production. It's by no means a miracle acne treatment, but as an overproduction of sebum can cause blemishes, some users do see clearer skin and minimal blemishes as a result. And for just a fiver, we say it's worth a shot.

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