The perfect floral dress (and 9 other designer items!) to snap up right now that you won't regret splashing your cash on

Here's what we'd pick this week...

3 days ago

Whether you're looking for a treat or you're a regular cash-splasher, dropping a lot of ££s on a single item is never not daunting - particularly when it's a wardrobe update considering this new world of fast fashion.

What will break in a month? What will you hate in a year? What will everyone else hate before then?

Thanks to the savvy designers at some of the world's most prestigious fashion houses, there are a number of pieces right now that have both the quality and the staying power. Here's our favourite investment buys.

1. The perfect autumn florals

Buy it now, £2,230,

2. The pink velvet duster

Buy it now, £1,515,

3. The two-tone jumpsuit

Buy it now, £1,195,

4. The black lace midi

Buy it now, £1,575,

4. The swing shirt

Buy it now, £835,

6. The shoulder bag

Buy it now, £415,

7. The pearl mule

Buy them now, £595,

8. The pearl gold hoops

Buy them now, £540,

9. The high summer cross-body

Buy it now, £585,

10. The comfy cotton wide-legs

Buy them now, £265,