Derek Kettela

5 soothing steps to treat your sunburn in record time

Is that you, Rudolph?

07 Jun 2018

Feeling a little red-faced?

Don't worry, we're not here to scold you, your skin has had enough of that and now you'll never forget sun cream again (RIGHT?!).

Unfortunately, we don't have a magic spell to reverse what's already happened, but we can arm you with a few tools and tricks to help soothe and repair your damaged skin.

So pull up a spot in the shade and listen in...


Step 1: Reduce inflammation

In the initial hours after you have a burn, your body is trying to respond to that external trauma by increasing blood flow to that area, which is why it goes very red.

With increased blood flow comes an increase of inflammation in that area, so you may want to take an aspirin or ibuprofen to ease inflammation and reduce pain.

STEP 2: Cool down

At the first signs of too much sun, Trilogy’s In-House Skin Expert, Corinne Morley, recommends we should “head for the shade, grab a glass of iced water and apply a cool compress to effected areas for immediate relief."

Don't have a cool compress? Slather the area in cold plain yoghurt; the probiotics will help restore your natural skin barrier while soothing the skin.

STEP 3: Avoid actives

Sun damage will make your skin extra sensitive, so make sure you take a look at your current skincare routine and remove any actives or acids. And defintiely don't use any physical or chemical exfoliants for a few days.

STEP 4: Use soothing skincare

In the few days after sunburn, you'll want to lay off using too much skincare. The skin needs a chance to calm down, and using too much can be counterproductive.

But what you do use should be ultra-calming and gentle. For cleanser, we recommend (£12.50), followed by either (£44.50) if you have normal to dry skin, or (£95) for oily or combination skin. Both will supply a light but soothing hit of hydration. Corrine also recommends (£29.50).

STEP 5: Don't pop blisters or peel skin

If your sunburn is so bad that it begins to blister or peel, do not break or pull on the skin. Blisters popping up is your body's way of creating a natural barrier to help the skin heal.

Still suffering?

If you’ve tried all of this and your skin still feels like it’s burning or on fire, head to the pharmacy to seek help or pick yourself up some hydrocortisone cream, which will help reduce inflammation at a much stronger level.