Knitting: the latest mindfulness trick?

04 Apr 2016

Forget colouring books for adults - the latest way to get more mindful is with a pair of knitting needles. In the same way that focussing on colouring intricate shapes helps to calm your thoughts - by making you focus solely on the task at hand - the rhythmic stitching can help you find your zen, and you can wear your creations afterwards.

Uber-cool knitwear brand, , surveyed their knitting community and found that 64% of people felt more relaxed after a sesison with the needles, and 68% said it helped them combat stress and anxiety.

And if you think knitting is all about itchy jumpers your nan made you, think again. Wool and the Gang have for everything from clutch bags to backpacks, chic dresses and relaxed hoodies.

To get you started, GLAMOUR and are giving away a Knit Kit, with everything you need to make one of their Sansa Chokers.

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