Remember when Naomi Watts took revenge on a fan? Well, it's gone viral one year later

The actress' post of a sneaky fan from last year went viral this week and here's why...

04 Apr 2017

Last year, Naomi Watts had a cheeky response to a fan who took a photo of her on the subway. But somehow only this week the people of Twitter connected some missing dots and realised the greatness of Naomi's post. Here's how it went down...

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In June 2016, photographer Aubrey Lofgren spotted Naomi Watts sitting opposite her on the subway. She took a photo of the unaware actress looking at her phone.

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But Naomi wasn't as "unaware' as Aubrey thought. Later that day the actress herself, took to Instagram to share a snap of Aubrey taking the sneaky photo of her. Witness the greatness of Naomi's caption:

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LOL. And it didn't stop there. Aubrey then reposted Naomi's photo:

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Now this week, almost one year after the interaction, Twitter fans made the connection between Aubrey's shots and Naomi's, which previously went almost unnoticed.

Long overdue, and yet, still epic.