From dull to glowing: The makeup tricks for a perfect #NoFilter selfie

30 Sep 2015

Taking a selfie in flawless, filter-free makeup seems impossible (and, if we're being honest, a little scary). However, with the right products, going sans-filter is not only achievable but also preferable if you want to keep your photos as natural as possible.

We wanted to know how well 'selfie-friendly' makeup worked IRL, and so put our junior writer, Rebecca Fearn, to work. Rebecca used a range of glow-giving, pore-blurring and eye-popping products from the list below in order to create a great makeup look without use of a filter. Here are the before and after shots, followed by the products and techniques used:

Primers and Foundations:

Start your look with a blurring primer, which will shrink the size of pores and create a smoothed-over effect on skin. Try , £23, , £19.99, or , £31.50. If you're looking for a glowing Valencia-esque look (rather than a blurred-out bright Amaro finish), mix a little of , £38.50, or , £29.50; both of which will highlight the skin to create the desired effect.

For base, we LOVE Dior's Airflash foundation, £33.50, which, as its name suggests, offers glowing airbrushed skin in a bottle without looking heavy. For a fuller finish, opt for , £136, which will revive even the most tired skin.

Powders and Highlighters:

The next step is to powder skin to get rid of any unnecessary shine and to give it an even more smoothed-over blurred-out effect. Our favourites include , £33, and , £35; both of which are finely milled and lightly tinted compacts. Kim Kardashian- style contouring is an optional selfie addition, but one that works well. For more of a glossy sheen, we recommend using cream contour and highlighter sticks, such as the new Burberry ones.

Finish your skin off with a beautiful glow by using the shades in , £56. If you're serious about selfie makeup, you need to get your hands on Too Faced's #TFNoFilter Selfie Powders, £32: a trio of bronzers and highlighters which give the effect of 3 different Instagram filters.

Lips and Eyes:

The finishing touches for your look come in the form of the lip and eye makeup. For lips, stick to a natural-looking 'your lips but better' colour in a moisturising sheeny finish, such as , £25.

Eye Makeup should be kept simple, but also aim to brighten the eye. Line your eyebrows with a subtle liquid felt-tip pen such as , £15. Next, run a nude eyeliner across your waterline and inner corner to open up the eye. We like , £16. Go for shimmering champagne shades on the eyelid to add a special sparkle. , 36.99, are great, as are neutral-toned palettes like , £70. You could even contour your eyes to make them look bigger. Estee Lauder's eye contour palette is perfect for this.

Finish off the look with some optional touches, such as mascara and a darker kohl, and you're totally insta-ready.

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