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12 non-traditional wedding makeup looks for brides who are fierce AF

Because nobody wants to be beige on their wedding day...

11 Jan 2018

Wedding day makeup can be a minefield: it’s easy to go overboard, risky not wearing enough, and a ‘strong’ look can quickly look dated.

A red lip is seen as a faux pax, and neutral tones are the favoured option. Thrilling.

The most common and correct advice is to DO YOU. And if ‘you’ is a sh*t tonne of glitter? Go for it!

We’ve got the best looks for brides who want to throw out the rulebook and look fierce AF on their big day.

Ready, set, glow

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Go full goddess (it’s your wedding day, why not?) with a 24-carat golden glow. Start with a bronzed base and then strobe, highlight, and strobe some more.


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If you’re going for a shoes-off, flowers-in-your-hair kind of vibe, why not take the theme to your face? Start with a fresh base and go potty with the petals.

50's Siren

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Stick a big middle-finger up to anyone who says you can’t wear a red lip on your wedding day. If it’s your thing day-to-day, you’d just feel naked without it.

Barely there

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For those who are brave enough (or lucky enough to be able) to go practically make up free, this is the prettiest of looks. And there’s zero risk of your mascara running.

Millennial pink

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Rocking a millennial pink theme on your day is a sure fire way to boost those Insta-likes. Bang on trend, but not so crazy that you’ll be cringing in a few years.


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A full mermaid-goes-to-Coachella look is best kept on the campsite, but if bling is your thing - embrace it! Try a crystal crown or glittered lip, just keep the rest of the look toned down to avoid looking like a disco ball. Unless of course you want to look like a disco ball – we're here for it!


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Dark and dramatic makeup against the femininity of a wedding dress can look killer (in a good way, obvs). Go for sharp lines and sleek hair to steer well clear of zombie-bride territory.

Modern Grunge

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If the idea of a floral headband and home-spun bunting makes you gag, this look might be for you: smudged eyes, jet-black kohl and a shock of lip colour. Badass bride coming through.

Galactic Goddess

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Want to look out of this world on your wedding day? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist). Try cosmic-inspired patterns and stardust shades – a dramatic and hypnotic look.

Modern Indian

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Steering clear of the more-often seen winged liner and ruby lips, try metallic hues and dewy skin to pick up accents from your chosen outfit and hair pieces.


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Perfect for an evening wedding, go full Donna Summer with shimmery purples and glistening greens. And chuck in some blue glitter. Maybe a smattering of pink sparkles. It’s your party and you’ll shine if you want to.


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Tried and tested, doe-eyed and nude-lipped. Team with a shift dress and subtle beehive for a full swinging 60’s vibe.

Вы можете по вашему желанию, недорого.