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Wet-look lips are set to be the trend of the summer

Literally a splash of colour 💦

06 Apr 2018

Cover your mouths , matte lipstick lovers, because it's about to get soaking wet in here.

Lip oils, lacquers and high-shine glosses are making a serious comeback and when it comes to your pout this summer, it's the wetter the better.

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Clear gloss made a return to the runway in 2017, but this year we've seen colour get the wet-finish treatment.

Speaking to celebrity makeup artist, Morgane Martini, we discovered that the easiest way to work the trend yourself is by using a coloured lipgloss.

"My favourite ones are the for Marc Jacobs Beauty, the texture is super shiny without feeling sticky and they have a great variety of colours and shimmery tones."

YSL's new release, the and Lancome's are also great choices, both with the pigment of a lipstick with a wet-finish.

If you're after more of a subtle stain effect, lip oils could be the ones for you. We're loving the new ones from L'Oréal Paris, which have a long-lasting wet-look, but just a faint stain of colour. Perfect for a fresh and summery makeup look.

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To allow your glossy lip to last longer, apply your best pout-prep practice.

"The lips should be hydrated before you apply anything so make sure you use a lip scrub and lip balm before makeup application", says Morgane.

"I love to start with from KiKo, they are so easy to use and exfoliate softly but efficiently, [followed by] the and finish by using from Marc Jacobs Beauty, which hydrates and protect the lips with SPF."

The best thing about the wet-look lip trend is that it's very versatile and can be worn with many different makeup looks.

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"You could go strong with an 80s makeup look; a smokey eye and a glossy red lip, or just a fresh face with a shiny lip."

The possibilities are endless, so go forth and gloss!

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